Wyatt Edmondson is a young rock/folk singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN. With performances at 30A Songwriters Festival, Universal Orlando, Riverwalk Amphitheater, and 2 EP's under his belt, Wyatt Edmondson has established himself as a rising musical force in today's industry. Originally from Montgomery, AL, Wyatt moved to Nashville, TN in January of 2017 to further pursue his music career.

Receiving radio-airplay, features in news, TV, and magazines, Wyatt's latest project is an acousric-style concept EP. Two guitars and Wyatt’s mesmerizing voice blend wonderfully to transport the listener to Lovers Lake, where waves crash and acoustic love songs flow with purpose. Originally from Montgomery, AL, Wyatt was inspired by Lake Martin in Equality, AL where he spent most weekends as an adolescent.

As Wyatt progresses through 2017, he plans to claim his place as a ground-breaking rock artist in Nashville and begin plans for a regional tour in 2018.


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