In his short 35 years, Abe has lived a tale that few before him could have claimed. He's the son of the deep south. On both sides, his family traces its roots back generations to the cotton fields of Alabama. He was born and raised in the port city, Mobile. His mother was a piano teacher/church pianist. She took him to church every week where he was saturated with the hymns of the old red-back hymnal. His father had an extensive collection of rock-n-roll records. He had dubbed a cassette of the White Album that Abe would play on a toy cassette player next to his bed as a kid. Then came the year punk broke. He fell hard for rock-n-roll, and really hasn't been the same since.

Baptists and punks don't really jive that well, and that theme has flowed throughout Abe's life. Bible college, years spent as a preacher in the Appalachian Mountains, and a tour of duty in the desert make up the man you hear today.

But now he's here... Abe Partridge, the songwriter. He's got a bunch of stories to tell. At 35, He finally found his calling. You are listening to it. In his own words, "I ain't faking it. I live it."


"One of the Gulf Coast's best-kept secrets, songwriter Abe Partidge provides a bleak, downtrodden outlook to the world through song. Scruffy and broken, but often clever, Partridge's act is all about how great music used to be when people and places mattered. A true throwback, he's definitely a unique performer, you cannot miss." - Jared Boyd of Al.com


Visit Abe's website: www.abepartridge.com

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